NHK語学番組(英語) ボキャブライダー 9月1週 Review



bitter 苦い Goya tastes bitter.
sour 酸っぱい I didn't know umebosi are so sour.
crunchy バリバリ、カリカリする Senbei crackers are crunchy.
chewy 腰がある、噛みごたえがある Sanuki udon is very chewy.


boil 茹でる Boil the potatoes and then mash them.
steam 蒸す Steam vegetables until they are soft.
bake オーブンで焼く Bake the pie at two hundred degrees for twenty minutes.
fry 炒める Fry the noodles and add the seasonings.
deep-fry 揚げる Tonkatsu is deep-fried poke.


french fries フライドポテト French fries go well with humbergers.
bread パン That bakery has great bread.
yogurt ヨーグルト(発音:joʊˈgɚt) I eat yogurt every morning.
stew シチュー(発音:stu:ˈ) My mother makes delicious beef stew.
stew 煮込む Stew the tomatoes with onions.


eggplant 茄子 Eggplant is a summer vegetable. / grilled eggplant(焼き茄子)
green pepper ピーマン Green pepper can be eaten raw.
bean sprouts もやし Many Asian dishes use bean sprouts.
spinach ほうれん草 I like spinach and bacon salad.


reserve 予約する I'd like to reserve a table for six.
order 注文する Are you ready to order?
recommend おすすめする What dessert do you recommend?
pay 支払う Can I pay by credit card?