NHK語学番組(英語) ボキャブライダー 9月2週 Review



refill おかわり This coffee is so good. Can I have a refill?
renew 更新する Have you renewed your drivers license?
reuse 再び使う I keep plastic bags and reuse them.
rewrite 書き直す Could you rewrite this report by tomorrow morning?


prepare 準備する Have you prepared for the exam?
predict 予測する I predict that our team will win.
prevent 予防する、未然に防ぐ How can we prevent the Internet crime?
precede 先立つ、先に起こる Dinner was preceded by a toast.


portable 携帯できる Who invented the portable music player?
acceptable 受け入れられる Chewing gum in class is not acceptable.
reliable 頼りになる She is reliable person.
unforgettable 忘れられない It was an unforgettable event.



dislike 嫌いです、苦手です He dislikes spiders.
disagree 賛成しない、意見が合わない I disagree. / We disagreed about our vacation plans.
disappear 消える、いなくなる The sun disappeared into the clouds.
disappoint がっかりさせる The team's loss disappointed the fans.


attract 興味をもたせる、引きつける Her bright smile attracts everyone's attention.
contract 契約 My contract will last for two years. 一緒に引きつけ合いながら合意に達する、というニュアンス。
abstract 抽象的な Philosophy is too abstract for me. 具体的なものから要素を引き抜いたら抽象的になる。
subtract 引き算する If you subtract two from six, you get four.