NHK語学番組(英語) ボキャブライダー 9月3週 Review



traffic light 信号 Turn left at the traffic light.
pedestrian 歩行者(アクセント注意:pədeˈstriən) Watch out pedestrians when you are driving. pedには「足」という意味がある。
construction 工事 They are doing construction on that road. 
landmark 目印 Tokyo Skytree is a new landmark.

do constructionでいいんだ。


depart 出発する What time does your flight depart. / My flight departs at two p.m.
arrive 到着する We will arrive at Shibuya station in ten minutes.
transfer 乗り換える You can transfer to the Shinkansen at Niigata Station.
board 乗り込む Watch your step when you board the train.


display 展示 May I see that dress in the display window?
try on 試着する May I try this on?
suggest 提案する、勧める Can you suggest a good birthday present? / Can you suggest something for me?
purchase 購入する、購入したもの You get a free sample with your purchase.

店内だと、on display「展示して」


perform 上演する They are performing Hamlet at the theater. / Are you performing tonight?
act (役柄を)演じる Is this your first time to act in a play?
entertain 楽しませる A good joke will always entertain the crowd.
play お芝居 Which play do you want to see?


account 銀行口座 I'd like to open an account.
deposit 預金する How much would you like to deposit? / I'd like to deposit ten thausand yen.
currency 通貨 Can I exchange currency here? / Where can I get local currency?
interest 利息 What's the interest rate?