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HU sham test 1 [5]

大学入試等(entrance exams)

[A〕まず,次のグラフが何を示すものか説明せよ。そして,グラフ全体が表している特徴を指摘し,考えられるその理由を述べよ。全部で80語程度の英語で書け。コンマやピリオドは語数に含めない。解答欄の最初の(   )に使用した語数を記入せよ。



 This graph shows the number of infant deaths and the infant mortality rate over 60 years from 1950 to 2010 in Japan. The graph shows a dramatic drop in both statistics between 1950 and 1970. This was probably due to improvements in nutrition and medical treatment after World War II. Even from 1990 to 2010, both statistics show a drop of almost 50%. This shows that improvements are still being made in things like hygiene and medical treatment in Japan.


 This graph shows the number of infant deaths and the infant mortality rate in Japan between 1950 and 2010. From the graph, we can see the number of deaths and the mortality rate decreased dramatically from 1950 to 1970. In addition, they fell more slightly from 1970 to 2010. One possible reason for this is that modern medicine has greatly reduced the causes of infant mortality, and advances in medicine should continue to cause infant mortality to fall.

[B〕子育てをしやすい社会を実現するためには何が必要だと思うか。具体的に2つ挙げて,90語程度の英語で書け。コンマやピリオドは語数に含めない。解答欄の最初の( )に使用した語数を記入せよ。

 I think money is the key to creating the ideal environment to raise children in. First, local governments need to give families more money when a child is born. This is because families with children often have financial problems. Second, to support households in which both parents work to make ends meet, it is necessary for the government to establish more day care centers and pass laws that make it easier for mothers and fathers to take child care leave. I believe Japan's future depends on whether the government can create a good environment for families to raise children in.


 In order to realize a society where you can raise children without worry, the government needs to create places for children with parents who are busy working during the day to go after school, and the people who work there should help primary school students with their studies. In addition, the people around young parents need to help raise their children ― siblings, relatives, friends, neighbors. If Japanese people believed that all children were precious and helped to raise them as a community, young parents could raise their children without anxiety.