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英文法問題 grammar questions 3

Q. You must (1. vacate 2. vanish 3. vacant 4. withdraw) the hotel room by Friday.

A. 1. vacate


vacate「(家・座席などを)空ける、立ち退く」、vanish「(急に)消える、姿を消す」(cf. banish 人 for 理由「(人)を(理由)で追放する」)

Q. He was (1. passed through 2. passed up 3. passed in 4. passed down) for promotion in favor of the boss' new son-in-law.

A. 2. passed up


pass through「~を通過する、(つらいことなどを)経験する」、pass up「(機会などを)捨てる、(招待などを)断る」

Q. Peter was advised by his physician to stop smoking in order to improve his (1. deductive 2. detective 3. impressive 4 .deteriorating) health.

A. 4. deteriorating



Q. Scientists currently (1. are searching 2. have searched 3. will be searching 4. had searched) for a cure to the common cold.

A. 1. are searching



Q. Could you please wait here (1. by 2. in 3. for 4. to) a few minutes more?

A. 3. for



Q. My cousin (1. run 2. works at 3. is employed 4. belongs to) a big sales company.

A. 2. works at


work at[for, in] 「~に勤務する、~に勤める」、belong to「~に所属している」(必ずしも勤務しているとは限らない)

Q. We plan to discuss our new project at (1. this 2. the tomorrow's 3. next 4. last) conference.

A. 1. this


next、lastは通例theを伴う。tomorrow's meetingは通例theがつかないようだ。したがって、thisを選ぶことになる。

Q. May I (1. stop over at 2. go 3. drop in 4. visiting) Niagara Falls on our way to New York?

A. 1. stop over at


stop over at[in] 「~に立ち寄る」、drop in on「(人を)不意に訪れる」、drop in at「(家などを)訪れる」、(その他、stop by[at, in], drop by[into], call in[at])

Q. Please try not to use Japanese in this class (1. as good as 2. as far as 3. as many as 4. as long as) possible.

A. 2. as far as


as good as「~も同然で、~も同じく」、as far as possible[one can]「できる限り、できるだけ」

Q. Words and idioms should always be learned (1. in 2. out of 3. by 4. over) context.

A. 1. in


in context「文脈で」、out of context「文脈(背景)を無視して」

Q. The boys are always playing tricks (1. on 2. for 3. at 4. against) their teacher.

A. 1. on


play tricks on「~に(悪意のない)いたずらをする、悪さをする」

Q. Nancy is so (1. introverted 2. extroverted 3. outgoing 4. innocent) that she seldom talks with someone she doesn't know.

A. 1. introverted



Q. During the Oil Crisis, the price of gas (1. lifted 2. rose up 3. arose 4. went up).

A. 4. went up


rise up「暴動を起こす、蜂起する」、arise「起こる、生じる、現れる」、go up「(物価などが)あがる」