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the devil wears Prada : job interview (0m - 10m)

[ Squeaks ]
[ Woman Singing ]
[ Continues ]
[ Continues ]
 - [ Continues ]
 - Good luck.
[ Continues ]
[ Children Giggling ]
[ Continues ]
 - [ Continues ]
 - [ Horn Honks ]
[ Continues ]
[ Ends ]
[ Bell Dings ]
Hi. Uh, I have an appointment
with Emily Charlton?
 - Andrea Sachs?
 - Yes.
Great. Human Resources certainly
has an odd sense of humor.
Follow me.
Okay, so I was Miranda's
second assistant...
but her first assistant recently got promoted,
and so now I'm the first.
 - Oh, and you're replacing yourself.*1
 - Well, I am trying.
Miranda sacked*2 the last two girls
after only a few weeks.
We need to find someone who can survive here.
Do you understand?
Yeah. Of course. Who's Miranda?
Oh, my God. I will pretend
you did not just ask me that.
She's the editor in chief of Runway,
not to mention a legend.
You work a year for her, and you can
get a job at any magazine you want.
A million girls would kill for*3 this job.
It sounds like a great opportunity.
I'd love to be considered.
[ Giggling ]
Runway is a fashion magazine...
so an interest in fashion is crucial.
What makes you think
I'm not interested in fashion?
 - [ Cell Phone Ringing ]
 - Oh, my God.
No! No! No!
What's wrong?
She's on her way. Tell everyone!
She's not supposed to be here
until 9:00.
Her driver just text messaged,
and her facialist ruptured*4 a disk*5.
 - God, these people!
 - [ Whistles, Whispers ] Who's that?
That I can't even talk about.
All right, everyone! Gird your loins*6!
 - [ Excited Chattering ]
 - Did somebody eat an onion bagel?
[ Exhales*7, Sniffs ]
[ Bell Dings ]
Sorry, Miranda.
[ Bell Dings ]
Move it! Ooh!
I don't understand why it's so difficult
to confirm an appointment.
I know. I'm so sorry, Miranda.
I actually did confirm last night.
Details of your incompetence
do not interest me.
Tell Simone I'm not going to approve that girl
that she sent me for the Brazilian layout.
I asked for clean, athletic, smiling.
She sent me dirty, tired and paunchy*8.
And R.S.V.P.*9 Yes
to the Michael Kors party.
I want the driver to drop me off at 9:30
and pick me up at 9:45 sharp*10.
 - [ Whispers ] 9:45 sharp.
 - Call Natalie at Glorious Foods,
tell her no for the 40th time*11.
No, I don't want dacquoise*12. I want tortes*13
filled with warm rhubarb compote*14.
Then call my ex-husband and remind him the
parent-teacher conference is at Dalton tonight.
Then call my husband, ask him to meet me
for dinner at that place I went to with Massimo.
Tell Richard I saw the pictures that he sent
for that feature on the female paratroopers*15...
and they're all so deeply unattractive.
Is it impossible to find a lovely,
slender female paratrooper?
 - No.
 - Am I reaching for the stars*16 here? Not really.
Also, I need to see all the things that Nigel
has pulled for*17 Gwyneth's second cover try*18
I wonder if she's lost any
of that weight yet Who's that?
Nobody. Um, uh-
Human Resources sent her up about the new
assistant job, and I was preinterviewing her.
But she's hopeless
and totally wrong for it.
Clearly I'm going to have to do that myself
because the last two you sent me...
were completely inadequate
So send her in. That's all.
 - She wants to see you.
 - Oh! She does?
 - This is foul*19. Don't let her see it. Go!
 - That's-
[ Sighs ]
Who are you?
Uh, my name is Andy Sachs.
I recently graduated
from Northwestern University.
And what are you doing here?
[ Clears Throat ]
Well, I think I could do a good job
as your assistant.
And, um-
Yeah, I came to New York to be a journalist
and sent letters out everywhere...
and then finally got a call
from Elias-Clarke...
and met with Sherry
up*20 at Human Resources
Basically, it's this or Auto Universe
 - So you don't read Runway?
 - Uh, no.
And before today,
you had never heard of me
And you have no style
or sense of fashion.
Well, um, I think that depends
on what you're-
No, no. That wasn't a question.
Um, I was editor in chief
of the Daily Northwestern
I also, um, won a national competition
for college journalists...
with my series on the janitor*21s'union,
which exposed the exploitation-
That's all
[ Scoffs ]
Yeah. You know, okay.
You're right. I don't fit in here.
I am not skinny or glamorous...
and I don't know that much
about fashion
But I'm smart
I learn fast
and I will work very hard.
I got the exclusive*22
on the Cavalli for Gwyneth...
but the problem is, with that huge
feathered headdress that she's wearing...
she looks like she's working
the main stage at the Golden Nugget.
Thank you for your time.
Who is that sad little person?
Are we doing a before-and-after piece
I don't know about?
Brown and Law, please?
Thank you.
 - Andrea.
 - Hmm?

*1:replace yourself : あなた自信を置き換える → 後任となる

*2:sack : を解雇する

*3:kill for : のためなら何でもする

*4:rupture : を破損する

*5:disk : 《解剖》椎間板

*6:gird your loins : 《聖》気を引き締めろ

*7:exhale : (息などを)吐き出す

*8:paunchy : 太鼓腹の

*9:R.S.V.P : 英語で、出欠等の返事を求める際に招待状等の末尾に記される。 フランス語のRépondez s'il vous plaît(「ご返事願います」の意味)の略

*10:時刻 + sharp : ~ぴったり

*11:tell her no for the 40th time : 実際に40回断りを入れるわけではなく、強調の意味で言っていると思われる。

*12:dacquoise : ダックワーズf:id:yasuchan:20170519153028p:plain

*13:torte : トルテf:id:yasuchan:20170519153230p:plain

*14:rhubarb compote : ルバーブのコンポートf:id:yasuchan:20170519153419p:plain

*15:paratrooper : 落下傘兵

*16:reach for the stars : 高望みする

*17:pull for : を支持する ←があるが、ここはNigelがGwyneth's second cover tryのために引っ張ってきたthings、と解釈するといいと思われる。

*18:second cover try : 二回目の表紙のトライ、一回目の表紙の案は失敗として却下されたという含みなのでしょう。

*19:foul : 汚い

*20:meet up with : と約束を取り付けて会う

*21:janitor : (ビルなどの)管理人

*22:exclusive : 独占権をもつ企画、デザイン のことと思われる。