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the devil wears prada : drinking with friends and the first day (10m - 20m)

Wait You got a job
at a fashion magazine?
 - Mm-hmm.
 - What was it, a phone interview?
 - [ Woman ] Wow
 - Ow! Don't be a jerk.*1
Miranda Priestly is famous
for being unpredictable.
Okay, Doug How is it
that you know who she is and I didn't?
 - I'm actually a girl.
 - Oh!
 - That would explain so much.
 - [ Doug ] Look, seriously
Miranda Priestly is a huge deal*2.
I bet a million girls would kill for that job.
Yeah, great.
The thing is*3 I'm not one of them.
[ Woman ]
Look*4, you gotta start somewhere, right?
I mean,
look at this dump Nate works in.
I mean, come on.
Paper napkins? Hello.
Yeah. And Lily, she works at that gallery
doing, uh, you know-
Oh, I'm sorry. What exactly is it
that you do anyway?
Well, lucky for me,
I already have my dream job.
[ With Lily ]
You're a corporate research analyst!
 - Oh, you're right. My job sucks.
 - No!
 - It sucks. I don't- It's boring.
 - It's all right Breathe
 - I'm trying.
 - Here Take a drink
 - I will have a drink I will have a drink
 - Ah, yes.
 - I'd like to propose a toast.
To jobs that pay the rent.
 - To jobs that pay the rent.
[ Lily ]
Jobs that pay the rent.
Oh, baby. You should see the way
these girls at Runway dress.
I don't have a thing to wear to work.
Come on. You're gonna be
answering phones and getting coffee.
You need a ball gown*5 for that?
I think I might.
Well, I happen to think
you look great always.
Aww! I think you're full of it*6.
[ Giggling ]
 - Hey. Come on. Let's go home.
 - Yeah.
I can think of something we can do
that doesn't require any clothing.
 - Really?
 - Mmm.
 - [ Phone Ringing ]
 - [ Woman Singing ]
Andrea, Miranda decided to kill*7
the autumn jacket story for September...
and she is pulling up*8
the Sedona*9 shoot*10 from October.
You need to come into the office right this
second and pick up her coffee order on the way.
 - Now?
 - Now, get a pen and write this down
I want one no-foam skimmed latte
with an extra shot...
and three drip coffees
with room for milk*11.
 - Searing*12 hot. And I mean hot.
 - [ Line Clicks ]
 - [ Continues ]
 - [ Cell Phone Ringing ]
 - [ Emily ] Where are you?
 - Oh, I'm almost there. Yeah.
Shoot*13! Oh!
[ Ends ]
Is there some reason
that my coffee isn't here?
Has she died or something?
No. [ Whispers ] God.
Oh. Bloody*14 time.
 - I hope you know that this
is a very difficult job-
 - Mm-hmm.
For which you are totally wrong.
And if you mess up*15,
my head is on the chopping block.
Now, hang that up*16.
Don't just fling it anywhere*17.
Okay First of all,
you and I answer the phones
The phone must be answered
every single time*18 it rings.
Calls roll to voice mail*19,
and she gets very upset.
If I'm not here-Andrea, Andrea-
you are chained to*20 that desk.
 - Well, what if I need to-
 - What? No.
One time an assistant left the desk because
she sliced her hand open*21 with a letter opener...
and Miranda missed Lagerfeld
just before he boarded
a 17-hour flight to Australia.
She now works at TVGuide
 - Man*22 the desk at all times. Got it.
 - [ Phone Rings ]
 - Uh-
 - Miranda Priestly's office.
No, she's not available.
 - Who is it?
 - [ Mouthing Words ]
Yes, I will tell her
you called... yet again.
 - [ Bell Chimes ]
 - Right Remember, you and I
have totally different jobs
I mean, you get coffee-
[ Scoffs ] and you run errands.
Yet I am in charge of her schedule...
her appointments and her expenses
And, um, most importantly, um...
I get to go with her to Paris
for Fashion Week in the fall.
I get to wear couture*23.
I go to all the shows and all the parties.
I meet all of the designers.
It's divine.
Okay. Now, stay here. I'm going to
the art department to give them the Book.
 - The-
 - This is the Book.
Now, it is a mock-up*24 of everything...
in the current issue.
And we deliver it to Miranda's apartment
every night, and she retu-
Don't touch it. She returns it to us
in the morning with her notes*25.
Now, the second assistant
is supposed to do this...
but Miranda is very private
and she does not like strangers in her house.
So until she decides
that you are not a total psycho...
I get the lovely task
of waiting around for*26 the Book.
 - [ Phone Rings ]
 - Oh, Emily? What do I do-
 - Deal with it
 - [ Rings ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Rings ]
Hello. Mrs. Priestly's office.
Hmm. That's what I meant.
Miranda Priestly's office.
[ Groans ]
Um, you know, she is in a meeting.
Can I please take a message?
Okay. Can you please spell Gabbana?
 - [ Line Clicks, Dial Tone Hums ]
 - Hello?
I guess not*27.
I guessed an eight and a half.
Um, uh, that's very nice of you...
but I don't think I need these*28
Miranda hired me.
She knows what I look like.
 - Do you?
 - [ Chuckles ]
She means you.
 - We just cut on the bias*29
 - [ Miranda ] That's not what I asked you
I couldn't have been clearer.
There you are, Emily.
 - How many times do I have to scream your name?
 - Actually, it's Andy.
My name is Andy.
Andrea, but, uh, everybody calls me Andy.
[ Chuckles ]
I need 10 or 15 skirts from Calvin Klein.
 - What kind of skirts do you-
 - Please bore someone else with your questions.
And make sure we have Pier 59
at 8:00 am tomorrow
Remind Jocelyn I need to see a few of those
satchels*30 that Marc is doing in the pony*31.
And then tell Simone I'll take Jackie
if Maggie isn't available
 - Did Demarchelier confirm?
 - D-Did D-Demarchel-
Did he- Get him on the phone.
Uh, o- okay.
 - And, Emily?
 - Yes?
That's all.
It's just the cavalier disregard
for clear directions-
[ Chattering Continues ]
Do you have Demarchelier?
Uh, Demarchelier.
 - [ Groans ] Leave it*32.
 - Do you have-
I have Miranda Priestly calling.
I have Patrick!
Uh, no, she called me in there
and-and then she asked me about Pier 59.
And there was something
about Simone, Frankie, someone else.
And, um, she needs skirts
from Calvin Klein
And, uh, there was something
about a pony
 - Did she say which skirts?
 - No No
 - Did she say what kind? Color, shape, fabric?
 - I tried to ask her.
You may never ask Miranda anything.
Right. I will deal with all of this,
and you will go to Calvin Klein.
Eh- Me?
Oh, I'm sorry. Do you have
some prior commitment*33?
Some hideous*34 skirt convention
you have to go to?
 - [ Cell Phone Rings ]
 - Miranda?
 - Are you there?
 - I'm about to walk in. I'll call you as soon as-
[ Line Clicks ]
 - [ Cell Phone Rings ]
 - [ Horn Honks ]
 - Hello? Hi.
 - [ Emily ] While you're out...
Miranda needs you to go to Hermes
to pick up 25 scarves we ordered for her.
 - Okay.
 - Cassidy forgot her homework at Dalton*35.
Pick that up.
Miranda went out to meet with Meisel, and
she will want more Starbucks when she gets back.
 - Hot Starbucks.
 - Can you just repeat that first-
 - [ Dial Tone Hums ]
 - Hello?
Oh, my God.
What took you so long?
I have to pee!
You haven't peed since I left?
No, I haven't. I've been manning*36 the desk, haven't I? I'm bursting.
Oh, hi.
 - [ Snaps Fingers ]
 - You do coat. Do the coat!
Now, be prepared.
The run-through is at 12:30.
People are panicking, so the phone
is going to be ringing off the hook*37
The ru-The run-through. Right.
Yes. Editors bring in*38 options for the shoot,
and Miranda chooses.
She chooses every single thing
in every single issue.
Run-throughs are a huge deal.
I don't know why you don't know that, Andrea.
 - [ Woman ] Okay Are you ready?
 - [ Emily ] Oh, hi, hi.
Right. Well, after the loo*39,
Serena and I are going to lunch.

  • This is her- the new me
  • Hi.
  • Told you.
  • I thought you were kidding.

No, quite serious, yeah
I get 20 minutes for lunch, and you get 15

  • When I come back, you can go.
  • Okay.

[ Serena ]
What exactly is she wearing?
[ Giggling ]
Her grandmother's skirt.

*1:Don't be a jerk : ひどい冗談言わないで。

*2:huge deal : 一大事、大物

*3:the thing is : 重要なことは、実は

*4:look : ねえ、おい、いいかい、いいですか◆相手の注意を喚起するときなどに感嘆詞的に用いられる。

*5:ball gown : 最もフォーマルなドレス f:id:yasuchan:20170519164434p:plain

*6:You're full of it : 《卑》嘘ばっかりなんだから、でたらめばかり言って、ばかなことばかり言って

*7:kill a story : ネタを没にする

*8:pull up : を前倒しにする、の席次を上げる

*9:Sedona : アリゾナ州セドナ

*10:shoot : 撮影期間

*11:with room for milk : ミルクを入れる余裕がある、ということ。縁ギリギリまで入れない。

*12:searing : 焼け付くような

*13:shoot : 〈俗〉しまった!、くそっ!、もう!、いまいましい!、うえーん!◆shitの婉曲語

*14:bloody : 〈俗〉〔罵り語や強意語としての〕いまいましい、全くの

*15:mess up : へまをする、しくじる、間違える

*16:hang up : を掛ける(ここではおそらくコートを)

*17:fling : 〔荒々しく〕~を放り投げる[投げ捨てる]

*18:every single time SV: 毎回毎回~するたびに

*19:Calls roll to the voice mail : 留守電に切り替わる

*20:be chained to : (仕事などに)縛られる

*21:slice one's hand open : 手を切る

*22:man : うわ、やれやれ◆喜怒哀楽いずれにも使う

*23:coutureクーチュア : (オート)クチュール

*24:mock-up : モックアップ、実物大模型、モデル

*25:note : メモ、覚書、注記

*26:wait around for : あたりをブラブラして(人)を待つ、近くで(人)を待つ

*27:I guess not : I guess you can not spell Gabbana for meの略と思われる。

*28:these : ここではshoesのことを指している

*29:cut on the bias : バイアス裁ちをするf:id:yasuchan:20170519200313p:plain

*30:satchel : 学生用かばんf:id:yasuchan:20170519193002p:plain

*31:in the pony : ポニー製の

*32:leave it : そのままでいいよ、構うな

*33:prior commitment : 先約

*34:hideous : 趣味の悪い、ださい

*35:Dalton : ドルトンスクール(個別指導的な幼児、児童教育スクール

*36:man : を受け持つ

*37:ring off the hook : 《俗》電話が鳴りっ放しである・ジャンジャンかかってくる・ひっきりなしにかかってくる

*38:bring in : (案を)提出する

*39:loo : <英和>トイレ